Frequently Asked Questions

What is www2pdf?
www2pdf provides a simple api (application programming interface) to screenshot any website.

How is the service working?
www2pdf uses a headless chromium browser to screenshot the websites. There are no known limitations. The websites should look exactly the same as in your browser.
The incoming screenshot requests are queued and executed in background. If a screenshot can be delivered within five seconds, the api returns the screenshot with a http status code 200. If not, the api returns status code 202 with a "processing..." image and delivers the screenshot as soon as it is available with the next requests. To clearify this: as long as you get a http status code 202, you need to send additional requests with the same parameters until you get a http status code 200 with the requested screenshot.

Are there any restrictions?
In order to prevent abuse, there are two limitations using www2pdf: You can only screenshot family friendly websites. To block any other website, we use the opendns family friendly dns servers. If you try to create a screenshot of any other website, you will get a screenshot of cisco umbrella, which is used by the opendns family friendly filter system. Moreover, the url parameter is limited to http and https scheme to prevent e.g. a local file inclusion vulnerability. That means, that any url has to start with http:// or https://.

Who runs this service?
www2pdf is operated and developed by Tobias Dillig. Please use the information available in the imprint to contact me.

Can I use www2pdf for commercial purposes?
Since the service is provided for free without any annoying ads, we ask you to not use it commercially. If you are interested in a version of this api for commercial use, just let me know.